Posted by: Kenn Hermann | December 27, 2007

Another Way that Technology Make Us Dumb

My friend Dave Westerlund contributed the following story in a ‘comment’ to my recent blog on “Another Egregious Example of Technology in the Classroom Gone Amuck.” It is too good to lie buried in a comment so I am posting it here as a blog.

A couple is on vacation when their GPS system breaks down. Thankfully, they were just watching an old movie on their cell phone that showed someone pulling into a gas station to ask for directions. There was a station across the street. They walked up to the counter and asked the owner if he could beam over a map to their blackberry.

‘Excuse me? What are you looking for?’

“Well, we are trying to get to Los Angeles.”

The owner pulls out a paper map and begins to point the way, describing landmarks to look for on the way. “Oh, and there’s a great pie shop right at this junction. And don’t stop at the service station down the road from there. He dilutes his gas.”

The owner looks up at the couple who are thouroughly confused. He describes the whole route again to them, but they still look lost. “Do you want to write it down?” He hands them a pen and paper. But they now seem even more distraught.

“Here. Just take my map.”

“Hmmmm, I used to know how to read maps, but that was back in 5th grade.”

“Well what happened?”

He holds up his broken blackberry.

“Can you call us a taxi??”

Thanks, Dave.

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