Posted by: Kenn Hermann | August 3, 2006

‘We Did Not Listen. Therefore, Has This Trouble Come’: What evangelicals and Jews need to hear from each other in the Israel-Hezbollah conflict

And yet another poignant comment on the Israeli-Hezbollah war, this time from a rabbi living in Chicago. He summons Jews and evangelicals to dwell together in their common texts to gain deeper understanding of the current war.

I am itching to jump into this discussion with my commentary as an historian, but . . . . my words seem somehow limp and inauthentic coming from my privileged position, safe from falling bombs and rockets. Do others feel the same? There are times for cold, critical, analytical, and historical commentary, but that time is not now, at least for me. I need to dwell amidst the pain, anguish, and suffering of the Other before I dare to speak.

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