Posted by: Kenn Hermann | July 26, 2006

Surfing on Lake Michigan

Okay, I am not actually surfing on Lake Michigan, but I thought it would get your attention. Did it? I am actually surfing by Lake Michigan. Well, I am not actually surfing . . . .

I am in Chicago for the Newberry Library book sale. In case you are not familiar with this prestigious library on the near north side of Chicago, check it out sometime when you are in Chicago. It is a wonderful research library for American historians. I had a few hours before the sale so I decided to visit my old haunt down on the lakefront. When I was at Trinity College when it was still in Chicago, over 40 years ago (oh, my!), I often visited the lakefront and Wrigley Field. Surprisingly, not that much has changed in all of these years. I took my laptop and cell phone that I can use as a modem. Voila! Here I am sitting ‘by myself’ under a shade tree on the Waveland beechfront writing this blog. How incongruous is that? Over my shoulder I can watch the traffic on the North Shore Drive; over my other shoulder I can watch the boats out on the lake — very windy (this is the windy city, after all), hot, and humid — ideal for being on the beech. Oh, and there are joggers, tennis players, dog walkers, and other assorted Chicagoans enjoying the day.

Time to wrap up and get to the sale.


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