Posted by: Kenn Hermann | July 22, 2006

Contra the Heresies of Christian Zionism

Watching a CNN interview with the editor of Beliefnet on the evangelical infatuation with Israel, its visions of Armageddon and World War III, Rev. Jerry Falwell exhorting Christians to support God’s people in Israel, — and the worst blasphemy of all, video of Christians in church wearing and waving Israeli flags, was just about all I could stand this morning. Were these MY people? How many heresies could I count in this 5 minute segment? How many more such rallies will be held in churches across the country tomorrow?

Perhaps the best source of information on the Middle East crisis, especially from the standpoint of Arab Christians caught in the cross-fire between the ‘Christian’ West vs. the ‘Muslim’ East, is Middle East Window. It will lead you to many others. Donald Wagner, professor at North Park College, has a very good overview of the history of Christian Zionism and its particularly strong influence on the NeoCons and the Republican party.

John Mersheimer and Stephen Walt have stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy over their expose of the powerful influence of the Israel lobby on U.S. foreign policy. See their essay in a recent London Review of Books.

The World Policy Institute, Arms Trade Resource Center, is an excellent resource on the cozy relationship that the U.S. defense industry has with the Israeli defense establishment. Are you comforted to know that $3 billion (that’s Billion with a ‘B’) of your tax dollars (20% of Israel’s Defense budget) is going to supply the Israeli military with F-16s, tanks, Sidewinder and Tomahawk missles, and much else? Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing are. Are these weapons sowing seeds of peace and justice that millions yearn for in Lebanon and the Middle East? Will they exterminate the threat of Hezbollah — really?

And, lest we forget our own complicity in this evil, let’s not forget that you and I are also indirectly supporting Middle East terrorists — Hamas, Hezbollah, et al. — with every barrel of $75 oil we buy from the Middle East.


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