Posted by: Kenn Hermann | April 3, 2006

Mars Hill Audio

Anyone reading this blog should also be listening to Ken Meyer’s Mars Hill Audio . Vol. 78 has interviews with Mark Bauerlein, on the causes of disengagement of college students from concern for intellectual and civic life; Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, on television, children, and acquiring a sense of reality; Sam Van Eman, on the view of the good life advanced by advertising; Thomas de Zengotita, on Mediated: How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way You Live in It; Eugene McCarraher, on how American management theory became an influential source of religious meaning and practice; and John Witte, Jr., on how law embodies a view of human nature, and why religious viewpoints have often been ignored. (Those of you that are interested . . . John Witte is a reformational legal scholar at Emory Law School.)

If you are new to this audio journal, rejoice! — you have the first 77 volumes to listen to. That will eat up a lot of frivolous activities like television, video games, — and reading blogs.


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