Posted by: Kenn Hermann | March 3, 2006

Choices, Choices, Choices, . . . and More Choices

Blogging is such hard work! All of the choices to make! Choosing what to write is the easy part. The hard part is choosing how to display it. If you have been visiting over the past few days, you may have been met with a blizzard of my theme tests. I really liked the elegant simplicity of my last theme (Simpla 1), but did not like the red-orange for the blog name and the lime green for the blog titles; I lean more to the bold primary colors and grays. So, I chose yet another theme this afternoon, but tomorrow who knows? . . . . Now, how much time did I ‘save’ by having all of these theme choices to sort through?

Barry Schwartz has a wonderful new book on this subject, The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less. While there are many other cultural expressions of this paradox, he only dealt with consumer choices. Other volumes could have been written on choice as the toxin that is slowly poisoning our society’s sense of moral integrity. It remains, though, an excellent commentary on the contemporary disintegration of the Nature/Freedom ground motive.

The claim of the Consumer Society is that Choice will make us free. The more choices we have the better off everyone will be. President Bush is committed to Consumer Choice that will light our way out of the spiraling medical costs for senior citizens. My father, along with millions of other seniors, does not feel too ‘liberated’ by the mind-numbing array of choices he has to navigate through to find a subscription drug provider. His eyes just glaze over. So do mine.

. . . .hmmm, maybe that other new theme will look better.

What happens to our sense of moral propriety, social obligation, or confessional integrity when ‘choice’ is reduced to taste? When choosing a blogging theme ‘consumes’ as much time as choosing to fulfill family and social responsibilities? Is this what Moses meant when he implored the Israelites to Choose you this day Whom you will serve that it may go well with you . . . .

You can just hear someone murmuring in the background: “Come on, Moses, get a life. What do you mean, two choices? That’s it? How Israelitish is that? I thought we were going to the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey! Even the Egyptians gave us lots more choices than two!”


  1. Hi Kenn,

    I liked the previous one too – the problem with viewing it in ie (is anyone still using that ?) may be resolved by narrowing the categories column; put a paragaph beak between Christianity and the
    That’s how I resolved the problem on my blog anyway.



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